Unlocking Opportunities: Goetz Fitzpatrick at OJBA Expo for Construction, Management, & Real Estate

December 18, 2023
Meadowlands Exposition Center — Secaucus, NJ

Unlocking Opportunities: Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP at the OJBA Expo for Construction, Management, and Real Estate Professionals in NY and NJ


The OJBA Expo is an annual gathering that aims to foster growth for professionals in construction, management, and real estate across the NY and NJ areas. Joshua G. Oberman, Senior Partner, and Andrea Lawrence, Partner, represented Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP at this event. They provided insights on legal matters, shared industry expertise, and addressed queries. Their wealth of experience in these fields makes them invaluable guides for navigating intricate challenges and seizing opportunities.

For more information about OJBA visit: https://ojbanewyork.com/


Photo Left to Right: Joshua G. Oberman and Andrea Lawrence from Goetz Fitzpatrick


Joshua G. Oberman, Senior Partner

Andrea Lawrence, Partner